Ok so this is the bit where I tell you all about me…..
That I was born holding a camera, went to uni to do photography and have been photographing weddings ever since?!

Not quite!

‚ÄčI’m self taught (I learn through ‘doing’), have never been to uni and I’ve spent most of my years working with children who have special needs or challenging behaviour – this has given me a super-power ‘like’ ability, of being able to pick up on things before they happen, notice the tiniest details and see things a bit differently.

So I know how to use a camera and I ‘get’ people – and people are the thing that will make your wedding awesome!

You don’t really need to know about what cameras I use or what lenses I have, you’re wanting to know if you can spend your wedding day with me and suss out what kinda person I am right?

There is waaaaaay more to me than just being a Staffordshire wedding photographer!