I think Rachel must go down as one of the most persistent brides I have photographed. Persistent in a good way. Our first encounter was at one of my very first wedding fayres in Chester, I remember her because she had a wooly hat on and I like wooly hats! I also remember that she was expecting a baby. I met her again, a few months later at the same fayre and she was a bit closer to having her baby. I have since found out that Rachel had been round other wedding fayres trying to find me, after meeting me the first time! By the time I saw her again, at the same wedding fayre, in the same place, she and Tom had booked me to be their wedding photographer and baby Albie had arrived. Persistence does pay off! I have since had the pleasure of joining Rachel, Tom and Albie for some family photos too, so I’m really glad Rachel trawled round those fayres looking for me as I’ve loved the time I’ve spent with them all.
After getting married in the church that has important family ties for Tom, we all then headed to Crabwall Manor for ice-creams and drinks in the sun.