Man proposing to his fiancé

You’ve just got engaged….what next!?


Question is, now what?!

There’s the small matter of organising a wedding.

First off I’d say to ignore everyone’s planning ‘rules’, including mine! Have confidence in creating a wedding that reflects you both as a couple. The world of weddings is a crazy one, hopefully on this blog you can step away from most of the craziness. I’ve never planned a wedding, so you can pick and choose from things I’ve got to say here. I’m just writing this to give you some things to think about.

Man proposing to his fiancé

Set a date.

Are you thinking of having your wedding in Staffordshire, further afield or even abroad? Do you want it all in one place, inside, outside or a bit of both?

What time of year would you like? Don’t forget that the end of July, August and September tend to be busiest, so if you want these months, start booking things as soon as you can.

Week days can be cheaper at some venues, but will all of your guests be able to make it?

Talking of guests, it’s handy to have a rough idea in mind of how many you would like. This will help when it comes to finding a venue. 

Love is, bunting on wedding day
calendar showing date of wedding

Pintrest – love it or loathe it.

Pintrest can be a great place for getting ideas, just don’t get sucked into thinking you need to have things you have seen on there, that you wouldn’t have thought about before. Also, try not to set your heart on recreating things you see on Pinterest and please, please, don’t give your photographer a whole bunch of images to copy. 

wedding guest showing grandad mobile phone

Have a budget.

This can be the biggest headache for many couples. Set a budget that you’re both happy with. Maybe even don’t set a budget and instead, write a list of things that you both definitely want. Add the cost of these things up and then decide how much more, if any, you want to and can afford to spend.

Talk to some friends if they have had their wedding in Staffordshire, ask them to share their expenses so you’ve got an idea of what things cost.

If your family are pitching in towards the cost, this might mean they want or expect a say in some of your plans. Talk about this with them beforehand.


There are many different types of ceremony that you can have. You can even have the legal ceremony bit done at a different time and place. – A great idea if you have found a venue that you love but that isn’t licensed for weddings. I’ve photographed a wedding in a field and one on a farm, where the couple still had a ceremony but did the legal bit another day.

I’ve also had the pleasure of taking photos at Hindu ceremonies, a handfasting ceremony, a humanist ceremony, church ceremonies, full Catholic mass ceremonies, civil ceremonies, registry office ceremonies and outdoor ceremonies.


Next step, find somewhere to have your ceremony, time to look for a venue. On my blog you will find some great wedding venues that I’ve been lucky enough to take photos at.

Found somewhere you like? Ask them some questions…

What is included and not included in the cost?

Do you have to use certain suppliers with the venue?

Are pets welcome?

Do you have a wedding license?

Do we have exclusive use?

What is the seating capacity?

Is there somewhere for our guests to stay?

Do you have a late licence? 

cider farm wedding venue
Photograph of Standon Hall, Staffordshire wedding venue

Do what feels right.

Make all your plans about the both of you. You are both unique, why shouldn’t your wedding day reflect this? The best thing about the couples who book me to photograph their weddings, they aren’t afraid to be themselves and that is what makes their weddings great.

Pets who have played a part in the ceremony, Lego – lot’s of it, Super Mario centre pieces, Harry Potter, Lego, a full brass band, blowing up a wedding cake, a black wedding dress and Lego, did I mention Lego?

You love each other, so why not include other things you love in your wedding?

Bride wearing black wedding dress

Engaged? Want to talk about wedding photography? Drop me a message!