How Much

Want photography without the fuss? Like biscuits? Look no further!

Packages are based on hours to give you the most flexibility. They can start whenever you choose.



5 hours photography

……………….. £1000



10 hours photography

……………….. £1500


All day photography

No time limit

……………….. £1700

ALL of the biscuits include:

  • All travel. Nowhere is too far! I will jump in my car and come to wherever your wedding may be.
  • Complete flexibility. Start your hours whenever suits you and your needs best.
  • A funky little usb stick, full of all of the pictures I take on the day, to do whatever you want with.
  • ​A full size set of images ready to print from.
  • Another set ready to share with friends and family on Facebook/Instagram/email.
  • ​A neat slideshow.
  • ​Alone time. Want ten minutes away from your guests? Like the idea of having a catch up with your new husband or wife? This is it! Let’s sneak away and make a few pictures on the way. ​
  • ​​To ring/text/email or positively stalk me as much as you like.
Two brides cutting wedding cake
Groom shaking a cocktail bride pulling a funny face
Groom wearing braces sitting on a tree with laughing bride

If you’re after something a little different, you’re getting married abroad or having an elopement, bonus!

Do you want more than 5 hours but not as many as 10?

Contact me now, I’d love to hear from you. I can tailor make something that will suit your needs.