staffordshire barn wedding

Louise and Sam got married at All Saints Church in Chebsey, a Grade 1 listed building only 5 minutes from my house. It seats a 100 people and Louise and Sam managed to fill it with their wedding guests almost to the roof. The Vicar of the church, Doug, is to date, the best person I’ve worked with at a wedding that is being held in a place of religious worship. In over ten years of photographing weddings, in more churches that I’d like to remember, that’s quite the statement!

When I first met the couple they told me about their plans to use a barn on the family farm that had been used to rear and home baby pheasants. I visited said barn pretty early on in the process and whilst I saw their vision, the work that went into transforming it was no mean feat. Sam was even doing some finishing touches on it on the morning of his wedding. The results speak volumes of the hours of dedication that went into creating such a perfect space for their wedding.

I joined Sam and his best men, in various states of undress at The Kings Arms in Eccleshall. Groom prep doesn’t tend to take as long as bridal prep, although when it came to the guys doing up their Ghillie kilt brogues they tested this theory!

Louise was getting ready at the family home on the farm, so I joined her for some photos just at she was having her wedding dress done up. This is when I saw the barn for the first time, all set up ready for the wedding breakfast and evening reception. It looked AMAZING.

After the church ceremony we went outside for some family group photos in the sun, before heading up to the barn – at which point the heavens opened and the heaviest rain I’ve ever seen continued almost for the rest of the day. Luckily the bride came prepared and changed into some wellies so when there was a brief gap in the rain I took some quick portraits of the newly weds.

After some great food, speeches and cake cutting came plenty of dancing.