My style

This is a page that I’ve been meaning to add to my website for ages. Trouble is, it just feels really weird writing about what I do/ how I go about photographing your wedding.

But you’re looking for a photographer to take pictures on one of the biggest day’s of your lives and you want to know how they are going to do that right!?

I’m thinking that if you are reading this, then you must think my photos are ok! Now you want to know how I got them…..

Groom crying on seeing his bride in Staffordshire
Wedding guest crying during ceremony
Bride holding hand of Grandad during wedding ceremony

I can’t say what I do is vintage, fine art or alternative but what I can do is give you photos of your day that make you feel something.

​A lot of couples who have booked me have said that they hate having their photo taken, sound familiar? This has always been and is always at the front of anything and everything I do with my photography.

My aim is to make you feel as comfortable as possible. I’ve worked really hard on creating a website with you in mind, one that is straightforward and easy to use, one that has all the information there for you to see and one that is informal and relaxed. My website would be nothing though, without all the photos of couples who have put their trust in me.

All these couples did was trust me and be themselves.

​They trusted me to know what works and that:

  • I wasn’t going to ask them to do any weird pose;
  • When I said, ‘let’s climb over that fence,’ or nip outside for five, even though it was cold, it was for a good reason;
  • When they said, ‘let’s climb that tree,’ I was there to help them down.

​They were themselves:

  • When they stood in their favourite place looking across the pond;
  • When the button hole needed sorting because it was looking a bit squashed;
  • When ‘urchins’ needed picking out of the dress;
  • When they were sitting, taking in what had just happened.

​One thing I am most proud of, is giving couples who hate photos of themselves, photos they love.

Groom holding bride at Sugnall Walled Gardens
Laughing bride and groom stood between two hedges
Groom kissing bride outside Manchester Town Hall

The handful of family photos that you want, we can do those too. Before your wedding we will have spoken about who you want in these. I will have then made a list to bring with me on the day, (I like lists.) I don’t mind where they stand or how they stand and when it comes to taking these pictures I don’t mess around… I’m not sure anyone actually really enjoys this part!?Then we can head off for some alone time to do the photos of you both, which is where you get to do your thing, (whatever that may be) and I get to take a few photos.

Two weddings guests laughing whilst on the dance floor
Black and white photo of a couple at wedding reception at Consall Gardens
Brides Grandma waving and smiling

So to sum it up….on your wedding day I will do a lot of looking; picking up on that friend of yours who snorts when they laugh, (we all have one) your Grandma getting a bit over enthusiastic busting her moves on the dance floor or the couple in the middle of the crowd, stealing a moment.